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Ride The Wave, East Meets West

October 2019

Ride the Wave
The Universe is in a constant state of unfoldment. Fecund does not just refer to the greenery of the earth. Essentially it is a manifestation of energy. As we know from physics, chlorophyll is just the conversion of the sun’s energy into plant based material.  It is a physical manifestation of the conversion of universal energy from our life source the Sun (Shout out to Sun Ra and to the early Egyptians) into green plants which serve as a life source for humans and animals alike on this planet.  Hmm just a coincidence or is it evidence of our interconnectedness.  You decide.  Catch the wave of energy as it passes through you. Ride the wave if you choose. It will yield an experience that is always fulfilling and never dull.

East Meets West

Sept 2019

The Vicissitudes of Life

There is a debate among philosophers regarding our relationship with nature. Some believe that we imitate nature and others believe that nature imitates us.   There are those who say that animals have a lower base level of consciousness and they can’t distinguish right from wrong.  Thus they have no compunction about killing things for their survival.    Those who are bit more esoteric believe that nature is a reflection of our consciousness and that mankind is fearful and consequently aggressive and inherently violent.  Nature, they say, simply reflects our inner nature and is cruel and unyielding.

For some, these ups and downs appear to be random and a cause for concern. However, my view is that if we understand the nature of energy and know that it comes in waves or as a pulse or appears and disappears like the quantum physicists are learning then we are better prepared for the vicissitudes of life.  The one constant is the universal force within.  If we focus upon that force which westerners call God and easterners call pure loving energy, then we will be one with the wave. We will be the Silver Surfer who can ride the wave all the way to the shore understanding each undulation and treating each with aplomb.   My goal is to surf through each up and down and to arrive at the shore waiting for me at the end of this physical existence dripping wet with experience.    

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