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My Story

My desired goal in life is to act as a sounding board for all those seekers who seek what I call spiritual resonance. All of my life, I have been a seeker.  I did not understand that I was a seeker until my late teen-age years. However, I had a special reverence for God at an early age. No one had to teach me that I loved God, I just knew that I had a special relationship with God. God loved me and I loved God. I remember my eighth birthday quite clearly even to this day. I was given a new bike by my parents.  I was out riding my bike in the school yard across from our home and I heard church bells ringing.  Without being taught or told by anyone, I alighted from my bike and dropped to my knees and began praying.  My prayer was a simple acknowledgement that I heard the bells from God’s home and whenever God spoke to me, I had to listen.  

 I have found that there are many religions in this world and many people who are spiritual who don’t identify with a particular religion, but they all seek resonance with God or the Universal Spirit.  My writing focuses upon the common aspects immanent within all religions and all spiritual practices. I believe when East meets West we can hopefully realize that we are all from the same source and we are all headed in one direction which is the home of pure spirituality. I intend to show  the truth of the phrase E pluribus Unum, out of many one.  We are all one,  just manifesting different aspects of the whole.  I hope you will find my search for resonance among the many religions of the world as fulfilling as I have.              

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